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Grow Your Base (GYB) x Kratos Guild

Kratos would like to welcome Lucas, a partner at Grow Your Base (GYB), aboard as our first advisor and partner. In another life, he was an avid gamer who could grind with the best, he was also SMITE’s biggest Spanish-speaking youtuber back in the day and a keen eSports enthusiast which he still continues to be today. Like Kratos, Lucas believes that Kratos should not be another mere guild, but a guild which strives to bring together the best players possible and to give them the support and treatment they deserve. Kratos intends to become the leading eSports team in Guild of Guardians and looks forward to working with Lucas and the wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings. Kratos is also delighted that GYB has agreed to help Kratos by combining the strength of their assets with ours to make this dream a reality.

A shared dream is a journey shared!

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