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Galen Law-Kun

Play-to-earn "P2E" marks the next stage in the evolution of gaming.  The world is very different place from what we could have imagined only a short few years ago.  How we live, how we game, how we can earn a living is and can be radically different these days. This new evolution looks to marry online gaming with economic opportunity.  We all live in the real world but for some us, we increasingly live online and perhaps this merely the start of a new way of life, a Metaverse life.

Kratos believes in making its own path in the Metaverse.  Rome was not built in a day, nor will Kratos.  Kratos has begun the foundation on which dreams will be built.  Kratos will operate on multi-levels, We want to be competitive and more but we also want everyone whether they are new or experienced, young or older or even causal vs serious players to join our journey.  We constantly strive for improvement and at Kratos, we want people to not only do so but to also enjoy themselves while doing so.

A shared dream is a journey shared!  

Come share the Kratos dream!


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