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Appointment of TayoRed as the Team Captain of the Kratos eSports Team

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Kratos would like to announce the appointment of @TayoRed as the Team Captain of the Kratos eSports Team. Tayo started gaming at an early age, beating the original NES Final Fantasy game when he was only 5! In recent years, Tayo has been a leader / founder of the #1 ranked team on KingsRoad (Apple’s Editor’s Choice game) and previously achieved the prestigious rank of #1 on the Diablo II ladder (USEast).

He inspires passion, his drive inspires / attracts the most talented of gamers. These are qualities necessary to build a solid brotherhood focused on a path leading to mythical heights. "Fellowship, experience, out-of-the-box thinking and a team mindset of what is best for oneself and for the team are key ingredients in any successful team" he said.

All ships rise in the tide together.

Please help us in welcoming him aboard the Kratos journey.

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